Call For Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts is now closed.

All papers and posters will be published on the conference website. Proposed papers or posters should be original work and must not overlap substantially with work already published or submitted for publication.

Deadline for abstracts is MONDAY 31 MAY 2021
Successful authors will be notified by MONDAY 21 JUNE 2021
Full papers or posters should be submitted no later than MONDAY 30 AUGUST 2021


• Exploring the Nexus between Water, Waste and Health
• Climate Change, Resilience, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
• Nature-based solutions for Water & Land Management
• The Water-Energy Connection: Challenges and Opportunities
• Asset Management
• Regulatory Compliance and Best Business Practices

• Non-Revenue Water
• Innovation in Water Treatment & Distribution Technologies
• Technologies in Water Quality Monitoring

• Optimizing Onsite Wastewater Collection & Treatment
• Innovation in Collection and Treatment for Central Systems

• Landfill Alternatives: Achieving Behavioral Change through Innovative Technologies
• Recycling and Energy Recovery Technologies in the Caribbean

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