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The CWWA Logo

  1. Non-commercial use. The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association-CWWA hereby authorize The CWWA Logo for non-commercial products and non-commercial web sites. Acceptable non-commercial use of The CWWA Logo includes:
    • As a logo to identify CWWA-related web pages, e.g. if licensee is a CWWA member, user or supporter,
    • As a logo to identify CWWA-related content in presentations given at conferences.

(i) The following use of The CWWA Logo is not acceptable, and no authorization is granted for such use if:

    • Use is unrelated to The CWWA, or to The CWWA Project
    • The logo is used in a detrimental way for The CWWA
  1. Additional Legal Terms and Conditions. Any reprinting, sublicensing, modifying, publishing, assignment, transfer, sales, or other distribution of The CWWA Logo in parts or as a whole, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of The CWWA. The CWWA Logo is to be used “as it appears” and must not be cut up or materially altered without prior written permission of The CWWA. Any copyright notice, digital watermark or proprietary legend contained in or on the logo must not be altered or removed. Unauthorized copying of the CWWA logos or failure to comply with any of the terms, restrictions, conditions, or limitations herein will result in automatic termination of this non-exclusive Authorization. These terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice.
  2. The CWWA reserves the right to revoke this Authorization at any time.

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