What is the Young Professional Sponsorship Foundation?
A group of CWWA Members came together in 2023 to establish a sustainable funding intervention targeted at young professionals (YPs). The common goal is to ensure representation of a critical stakeholder – young people – who will inherit the decision-making and influencing roles of the CWWA’s sectors.
How will the Foundation get sponsorship?
The Foundation will issue a call for sponsorship to professionals and corporate entities. This sponsorship is expected to cover part or all the following expenses; airfare, lodging and a daily allowance for YPs to attend the CWWA’s Annual Conference. CWWA will sponsor the Conference registration fee for full participation of the selected YPs. The CWWA will also make all arrangements for the sponsored young professionals, i.e. booking of flight, room and disbursement of allowances.
How much do I have to contribute to be a sponsor?
There are two sponsorship tiers per YP:
1. Benefactor – US$3,500 to cover airfare, lodging and daily allowances
2. Partner – US$2,000 to cover airfare OR lodging and daily allowances
A sponsor can pledge to fund more than one young professional as a Benefactor and/or Partner.
For more information on how to sponsor contact us at&nbsp;<a href=”mailto:ypsponsorshipfdn@cwwa.net”>ypsponsorshipfdn@cwwa.net</a>.
Are there any benefits to being a sponsor?
Apart from the benefits outlined in the flyer, sponsors will benefit from:
● Their name and/or logo in the Conference magazine, webpage and/or app.
● A tailored post about their role as a sponsor on all of CWWA’s social media platforms.
● 2-minute video content in a 10-minute video prepared by the YP. The sponsors name/and or logo would also be included in the video.
● Record of sponsorship on this webpage.
Can I sponsor a YP if I do not have enough funds for either of the Sponsorship Tiers?
Yes! CWWA will pool contributions and apply it to the YP Sponsorship.
Who can apply to be sponsored?
The Foundation is looking for YPs to be Young Professional Rapporteurs. The YPS should have the following profile:
● 35 years or younger at the time of the Conference.
● A citizen of either a CARICOM, French or Spanish Caribbean countries, and if not must be working in one or more of the CARICOM territories for a minimum of 2 years.
● Possess a minimum of 2 years’ work experience (including internships) in at least one or more of the CWWA’s sectors – water, wastewater or solid waste. The young professional can work for any type of entity, but preference will be given to team members of non-governmental and government entities.
● Have an accepted abstract or poster to be presented at the Conference.
● Fluent in English, both written and verbal.
● An active financial member of the CWWA.
Applications for YPs are now being accepted. Submit your CV and a Motivation Letter, that should not exceed 2 pages, to ypsponsorshipfdn@cwwa.net by September 1, 2023
What will a Young Professional Rapporteur do?
The selected YP will participate in CWWA’s upcoming Conference & Exhibition in Guyana, October 23-27, 2023 as a Young Professional Rapporteur (YPR). A YPR will attend the High-Level Fora (Finance, Water and Solid Waste), the technical programme for the Conference and any pre-Conference workshops.
The YPR will deliver a 10-page written summary, and a 10-minute video synopsis of the Conference. The video should include 2-minute content from the YPR’s sponsor that can be done by a spokesperson of the sponsor or the YPR.
What is the Young Professional Sponsorship Foundation’s role?
The Foundation members will be responsible for:
● Establishing and managing a sustained, transparent and secure funding mechanism for young professionals to meaningfully participate in the CWWA’s Annual Conference &amp; Exhibition.
● Ensuring transparency and accountability in the collection and distribution of funds from sponsors of YPs.
● Ensuring fair selection of YPs to be sponsored, in accordance with the Foundation’s agreed upon eligibility and selection criteria.
● Promoting the inclusion of YPs in the advocacy and decision-making roles of the CWWA and its sectors – water, wastewater and solid waste.

Foundation Members


  1. Sara-Jade Govia (Chair) – Foundation Proponent and Immediate Past President
  2. Irwin Gill – Scholarship Proponent
  3. Daniel Cummings – CWWA Trustee and Past President
  4. Louise Alfred – CWWA Board Member (National Sections Representative)
  5. Halla Sahely – CWWA Member