CWWA Caribbean Skills Reservoir (CCSR)

As the name suggests, the CCSR is a pool of information about the skills and competencies of our membership. The benefits are mutual to you and the sector of which you are a part. The CCSR is a database, but more importantly a platform bringing a myriad of job-related possibilities and other capacity-building opportunities to you. (Key benefits are listed in the flyer below). Additionally, harnessing the skillsets you possess enables sector heads to understand the present career availability in the water and waste sectors in the region and in so doing help identify gaps in skills required. Filling these gaps can then be facilitated through training and other offerings of the CWWA and its partners, both in the public and private sectors, regionally, and internationally. This is where the CCSR platform holds its core significance; once opportunities related to your area of expertise come to our doorstep, we are ready and in place to choose you to represent us while you earn additional CV-worthy experience! That is, on the condition that you have provided us with your information via the survey below. The CWWA is, therefore, providing you with a marketing strategy for your personal career advancement through increased visibility regionally and internationally. Above all, you are able to be part of a community of practice in your sector. And it gets even better! This service is made available to you free of additional charges and forms part of your membership benefits! All you have to do is click the link below, enter your information, submit and you’re good to go!