Mikella Hosein – Environmental Consultant

Mikella Hosein is an aspiring environmental consultant who conducts research on waste management solutions to help organisations meet their sustainability targets. In less than 2 years, she has gained experience in both climate change and waste management in civil society, the private and public sectors. Her background is focused on research, policy development and project management, having supported the development of four (4) policies regarding climate change and waste management. In terms of projects, she served the solid waste sector at the Ministry of Public Utilities, where she was able to lead the development of a project on wastewater reuse in agriculture.

Mikella also has a strong interest in the crossroads of social and environmental issues, with an avid interest in gender and its implications for various groups in society. In 2021, she co-founded a non-governmental organisation called Victim Eyes, which aims to educate society on rape culture and Gender-Based Violence. Her volunteer work also involves encouraging youth to engage in environmental issues, as the Deputy National Coordinator in Trinidad and Tobago of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network. On the hobbies side, she loves to dance!

Ryan D. Phillip – Water and Climate Specialist

Ryan D. Phillip is a dedicated water and climate professional currently serving as an Assistant Water Engineer at the St. Kitts Water Services Department. With his exceptional skills and expertise, he plays a crucial role in providing technical and administrative support for water system planning, while also leading all research projects related to water resource management.

Ryan recognizes that sustainable water management is intricately linked to climate resilience and the overall development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Therefore, through his current role, he actively seeks ways to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation measures into the planning and design of water systems. Furthermore, Ryan collaborates with local communities, government agencies, and international organizations to raise awareness about the importance of water sustainability and climate resilience in SIDS. He actively engages in capacity-building initiatives, workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms to empower stakeholders and foster a collaborative approach to addressing the impacts of climate change.

Through his unwavering dedication and passion, Ryan D. Phillip exemplifies the resilience and determination of professionals working in SIDS, and he strives to inspire others to join the collective effort in addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Sorayadebie Jhagroe – Sustainable Development Change – Maker

Sorayadebie Jhagroe is a highly driven changemaker dedicated to the SDGs, born and raised in Suriname. With her passion to contribute to the development of the world community, her focus areas are energy and environment, climate action, youth development and gender. Holding a BSc. in Infrastructure and an MSc. in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, she’s pursuing a BSc. Law degree and aspires a PhD degree.

While combining her studies with her career, Soraya excelled in different positions and is well-known for her holistic approach. She is currently the Economic Regulation and Supervision Specialist at the Energy Authority of Suriname. Soraya’s leadership roles extend to various organizations, and she received the CARICOM Women in Sustainable Energy Youth Leader Award (2022). She’s also one of the 35 under 35 Caribbean Gamechangers and the Caribbean Development Bank’s Future Leaders Network’ members.

Outside work, Soraya enjoys Indian dance, Zumba, nature and also likes socializing and spending quality time with family. Her life motto, “God, Positivity, Happiness & Inner Peace,” guides her journey. Soraya’s dedication to responsible global citizenship positions her as a key contributor to sustainable development. Her remarkable drive, expertise and characteristics position her to make an invaluable contribution to the world.