Executive Director’s CWWA Conference Update 9/17/20

Recently, we announced one of the biggest decisions the CWWA has ever had to make in its 29 years of existence to you; our members, partners, stakeholders and supporters.

We are all aware of the multitude of changes COVID-19 has forced upon us, understandably for the safety of us all, and therefore this decision was almost inevitable.

So, to address your number one question – will CWWA have a conference in 2020?” The answer is YES!  Not only will we have a conference, we will have an exhibition, BOTH of which will be virtual!

In 2019, as part of forward thinking, the CWWA already has in its possession the tools that will allow it to ably execute the hosting of the Technical Sessions and Seminars, the Workshops, Plenery and even the two (2) High Level Fora for Water and Waste respectively utilizing a digital platform currently being used successfully elsewhere.

To you our sponsors and exhibitors, the CWWA says “Fear not!” whilst there may be some drawbacks to not meeting face to face Caribbean style, there are many business advantages of the virtual platform.  Many of our companies have already experienced virtual conferencing and are excited to be a part of the CWWA’s virtual experience.  This includes a welcome opportunity to present videos, have live feeds, an entire interactive product and warehouse demonstration; all without leaving their place of business.  Virtual tours of factories, pumps and equipment in action in the field are now available more than ever.  There are so many benefits to the digital experience that it will be retained as part of a hybrid plan in future conferences and exhibitions!

So, register now!  The opportunity is still ripe to become a sponsor and/or an exhibitor.  All the packages can be found on our website at www.cwwa.net. There are also opportunities for groups of over ten (10) persons to join and take advantage of our previous “early bird” rate.  The technical presentation schedule will be posted in the near future.  The 25+ presentations cover the water, wastewater and solid waste sectors in the region. We look forward to active engagements with you in the the most remote and convenient way we’ve ever imagined. See you there!